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We understand that buying or selling real estate is a life changing decision…You need the team you can count on.

We are the industry leaders for evaluating, negotiating, and transacting the purchase or sale of apartment buildings, development sites or land assemblies.


To succeed as a Seller in today’s fast paced market, It’s not just about looking at a few previous sales. Determining true market value of any investment takes detailed understanding of the marketplace along with industry insight. Working with us is like being part of the team. Our goal is to bring you the information and assistance that can lead to an informed decision on determining a market price you are comfortable with. When we analysis a new property we examine the physical attributes, geographic location and current performance. Then we take our analysis one step further by consulting our industry connections and wealth of resources to determine the future potential of the property. After we have scrutinized over every detail relating to your investment then we report back to you. By maintaining an open dialogue with you, potential investors, industry professionals, coupled with constant market research, we can assure you that no value is left unaccounted for.


 Arriving at an agreeable price by all parties can be an daunting, exhausting, and challenging process. Each deal has many terms that can be individually leveraged according to the purchaser and sellers current situation in order to maximize the benefit to all parties. Having a close relationship with qualified buyers and sellers gives our team the ability to reach fair transactions. Our experience allows us to confidently write up a contract and professionally negotiate the terms and price with both sides in order to deliver a mutually beneficial transaction. This allows us to bring together opportunities that would otherwise seem too far apart by the parties involved.

How we do it

Personal Networking

Client relationships are the foundation of this industry. A dominant aspect of our networking is the teams established routine of dialoguing with every apartment owner, investor and developer twice a year to insure that we are the first to know what they are planning.

Global Access

Not only do the many offshore buyers actively seeking out properties within our local market have access to our website through multiple search engines, but we also have built relationships with many of them. Our team member Jackson Tang maintains strong ties with Asian investors by speaking many of the local dialects including Fukienese, Chinese and Mandarin. Coupled with the global reach of NAI Commercial provides maximum exposure to an international audience.

Redefined Technology

The internet is constantly updating itself with new networking streams, resources, and advertising mediums to expose information to targeted consumers. Our back-end staff is working tirelessly to stay ahead of the curb by modifying our coding to better match googles ranking requirements. Our marketing team monitors the most effective advertising channels and strategically implements our website and information throughout these mediums such as social media sites, advertising on local real estate websites, and leveraging the power of NAI Global.

Dynamic & Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Maximum exposure equals maximum value achieved for your property. Utilizing one network channel does not effectively generate enough interest to drive the competitive bid pressure towards generating the highest offers. When we have your listing, you can be assured that every investor actively looking at our markets, whether local or abroad, will know that the property is available and be informed of all the highlights through multiple networking channels:

  • Apartmentblocks.ca
  • NAI Global
  • Email marketing
  • Print marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Local advertising
  • Social media

The NAI Commercial Multi-family Team brings together some of the best talent in the industry.