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Vancouver Plan

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New and Future Local Area Plans within Vancouver

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What is the Vancouver Plan

Vancouver is growing quickly and to avoid more growing pains the City of Vancouver came up with the Vancouver Plan. The Plan is a city-wide land use concept to show areas for potential upzoning of single-family housing into more dense multifamily housing. The idea is to identify how the city expects to grow to meet the needs of future residents from a strategic planning perspective.

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How does this affect you?

The answer will largely depend on your lot size and what you get rezoned too. The plan identifies if your property is in an area that is to be upzoned, which may lead to a higher density and an increase in your property value. We have software to instantly show you your property designation.

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What the Vancouver Plan does:

  • Shows an overview of which properties may be rezoned, which may increase the property value
  • Provides an overarching framework for more in-depth plans that target specific parts of Vancouver
  • Show a new vision for community and modal hubs to provide more convenient access to necessary amenities like groceries, banks, hairdressers, and practitioners

What the Vancouver Plan doesn’t do:

  • Actually rezone properties
  • Show exactly what your property can be rezoned to
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Core Strategies

More Housing Options

  • Increase the availability of housing options and density across the city
  • Examples include multifamily residences, townhomes, low rise apartments, and rental properties

Completely Connected Neighbourhoods

  • Create complete connected and culturally rich neighborhoods that follow the “15-minute city” principle
  • Residents will be able to walk, bike, and transit to daily activities and amenities instead of using cars

Support for Businesses

  • Create more opportunities for shops, services and home based businesses
  • Foster a business friendly environment while also supporting the well being and prosperity of the community

Addressing the Climate Crisis and Restoring Ecosystems

  • Promotes sustainable transportation and denser housing options that reduce carbon emissions
  • Seeks to restore and expand parks and green spaces, and protect waterfronts and waterways