Oakdale Land Use Designation Update

Oakdale Land Use Designation Update

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Oakdale Land Use Update

On July 26, 2021, the Coquitlam Council approved changes to the Oakdale Land Use map as shown below, allowing for more High Density Apartment Residential development.

revised oakdale land use concept jul 2021

UPDATE: Oakdale Plan Proposed Road Network Approved

An update to the original road network within the Oakdale plan has been under review for the past year. This updated road network eliminates the need to construct a bridge over Jefferson Street which ultimately reduces costs and lowers operations. Additionally, the new road network addresses the need for a collector route through the neighbourhood, enhances greenway networks, and provides for an enhanced public realm through the planned Bole Court extension. On Monday, September 27th, Mayor and City Council unanimously approved the proposed road network.

Previous Road Network

previous road network web.jpg

New Road Network

new road network web.jpg

Oakdale Land Use Update Unanimously Adopted by Council

Mayor, Council, Staff, and residents came out in strong support of the plan that was finally adopted at the Public hearing on February 24th. We expect future developments will receive high level of support from the city and community when presented at public hearings. The Oakdale update was referred to as a living document that will be flexible based on the changing needs of the area. 

UPDATE: Planning has Unanimously Passed First Reading

We are pleased to inform you that Planning has presented the “Oakdale Land Use Update” to Council for first reading, which has been unanimously adopted by Mayor and Council! There will be no additional Oakdale specific DCC for parkland acquisitions. If any additional funding is required, the deficit will be addressed in the revised DCC update in 2021. Final adoption of the plan will be on the Agenda for the February 24th Public hearing.

New Timeline Schedule

Revised Land Use Map

Regularcouncil 2020 02 03 Item 8


Part of the Burquitlam-Lougheed neighbourhood plan, Oakdale originally was supposed to be included in the original land use options. Many of the Oakdale residents banded against future development to protect their suburban lifestyle and tight knit group of friends and family from being split apart. This pushed planning and council to leave this area as a future planning item.

As sales began to occur in the Burquitlam-Lougheed and the community saw the lottery tickets transacted by the ApartmentBlocks team and other sales, dissent happened. The neighbours along the arterial routes, aware there odds of higher density and a significant land value increase, began mobilizing and organizing petitions. The neighbours further from the SkyTrain and less likely for density increases still vocally opposed. However, with 150 signatures of the 500 homes in Oakdale, this prompted Coquitlam council to initiate an OCP update for the area. The area was broken down into six sub categories.

Successful lobbying efforts by ApartmentBlocks

Brandon Harding was very active engaging property owners and lobbying for high density. Working together with the community, they sent multiple letters to the Mayor, Council and Planning that registered over seventy-five signatures and led to a plan Coquitlam can be proud of. The requests made in our lobbying to the city were fully incorporated into the Oakdale Land Use update (See attachment 6).

Sub Area B letter to Coquitlam Mayor & Council

Oakdale letter to Planning

Plan Highlights

revised oakdale land use concept jul 2021
  • New shops and commercial space closest to the Burquitlam Station
  • Higher density within 800 metres
  • Kemsley and Jefferson Avenues will become collector streets
  • Large increases to parkland
  • Oakdale specific tax to fund parkland acquisition
  • Supportive community for increased density

How this affects you

  • Many land assemblies have already been organized
  • Most of the homes are older with large lots providing significant upside in the land
  • Properties designated for high density have seen up to 3x assessed value
  • Medium designated properties are in strong demand with proven sales
  • Townhousing designations tend to be on the largest lots, which is ideal for development

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