Lochdale Urban Village Community Plan

Lochdale Urban Village Community Plan

Main Goals

  • Lochdale will have its own unique character and identity that combines its rich history as a community hub and its future as a contemporary Urban Village.
  • Lochdale will establish Hastings Street, west of Clare Avenue, as a walkable mixed-use Village Centre that is complemented by a smaller commercial node at Pandora Street and Barnet Road.
  • Lochdale will offer a high-quality built form that helps create a sense of place.
  • Lochdale will be a pedestrian-friendly neighbourhood with a well-connected network of parks and open space.
  • Lochdale will be an inclusive community that provides for a range of housing types and forms as well as a variety of community amenities and services.
  • Lochdale will be an environmentally sustainable Urban Village.
  • Lochdale will provide a walking, biking and transit friendly Urban Village.


Bainbridge Timeline

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Lochdale Plan Cover

Lochdale land use is currently based the 1998 Official Community Plan.  The city intends to address necessary changes that would revitalize the community.  Urban plans and updates will be focused on making the area carbon neutral by 2050.  The OCP will look to encourage mixed use residential/commercial zoning in areas that currently are lacking in amenities, while also increasing the walkability of the area, adding bike ways, parks, and making the area more transit-friendly. 

Phase 1 | Preliminary Land Use Framework

Lochdale Preliminary Land Use Map

The Lochdale Community Plan aims to maintain the community’s unique identity while preparing for increases in population.  Land designations will involve a comprehensive approach, with central goals of diversifying and increasing availability within the housing market. Additionally, the Plan aims to encourage more community amenities, stimulate local employment, and improve mobility and connectivity to surrounding areas.

The community character and identity are a top priority of this Plan. Any development or increase in density will aim to maintain these values.  The Plan will highlight the fact that Hastings Street is centrally situated within the neigbourhood. The street will become a walkable, vibrant commercial high street for the community.  This update aims to replace the current auto-oriented and widely dispersed nature of the area by centralizing amenities. Land designations surrounding the Hastings area will be designed to accommodate mixed use buildings, fitted with ground level retail stores with residential apartments on the floors above. Just outside of the Hastings core will also be designated for mixed use density, presenting an ideal situation for homeowners to begin thinking about land assembly. Developers will be looking to buy up larger parcels of land. They will pay a premium price to secure a lot that can be developed to enrich the community.

The city is currently accepting public feedback, making it a good time for residents to reach out to Burnaby, planning to express your opinions on Bainbridge’s future. Visit www.burnaby.ca/yourvoice-lochdale for more information about the Plan. You can also reach out to us with any questions or comments you have about the Official Community Plan update or possible land assembly opportunities.

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