Coquitlam City Centre Area

Coquitlam City Centre Area Plan

Plan Highlights

  • Focus around Lincoln and Coquitlam Central SkyTrain Stations
  • Large commercial downtown core
  • Many strata wind-up opportunities
  • General concept is to refresh shopping district with density over residential areas


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Plan Updates

Coquitlam residents strongly supportive of transit oriented high density development

Excerpt from the Phase 2 Consultation Feedback

“In general, the CCAP’s vision to concentrate jobs and housing in high-density development near transit was strongly supported. There was particular enthusiasm to see surface parking lots transformed into a mixed-use downtown core, pedestrian-friendly shopping and entertainment options, with a number of people saying they would like to see changes as soon as possible.”

Councilincommittee Item 2

Phase 1 consisted of planning initiating a public consultation process that included input from Council, City Advisory Committees and boards, residents, property owners, and other community stake holders. There was a survey released to the public to gather feedback and determine overall guiding principles to build the foundation of the draft Coquitlam Centre Area Plan.

Phase 2 refined and strengthened these principals with more consultation and another survey that received close to 1,000 entries.

The draft plan has now been careful put together based on the results of all this deliberation and is looking for approval in early 2020.

Land Use Designations

Residential Land Use Designation Guideline

Commercial Downtown Core: high density towers 30+ storeys – CD Comprehensive developments that will include a mix of retail, office, and condominium towers
City Centre Commercial: high density towers 30+ storeys – Mixed use developments with retail on main floor and condominiums on top
High Density Apartment Residential: 20+ storeys – High-rise condominium tower with potential for small shops and retail on the main floor

Medium Density Apartment Residential:
6 storeys – Wood frame condominium tower

Low Density Apartment Residential:
3 storeys – Townhousing
2 storeys – Townhousing

Compact One Family Residential:
Single family residential on smaller lots
One Family Residential:
Standard detached homes