Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan

Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan

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Plan Highlights

The Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan is dedicated to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.   This standard is highlighted throughout the community plan while creating higher density housing and encouraging a strong economy with an increase in jobs as well as connecting residents to rapid transit for commuting. 

  • Bainbridge will have its own unique character and identity as a thriving mixed-use Urban Village that recognizes and celebrates past uses of the land.
  • Bainbridge will continue to be a place of employment that benefits from its central location next to regional transportation infrastructure.
  • Bainbridge will offer a high-quality design of buildings and public spaces to create a distinct sense of place for the Urban Village.
  • Bainbridge will provide a well-connected network of diverse public spaces to meet the needs of the community.
  • Bainbridge will be an inclusive Urban Village that provides for a range of housing types and forms as well as a variety of community amenities and services.
  • Bainbridge will be an environmentally sustainable Urban Village.
  • Bainbridge will be a walking, cycling and transit friendly Urban Village and a multi-modal transportation hub for the City.

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Phase 2 Draft Land Use Map

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On May 31, City Council approved Planners to proceed into Phase 2 of the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan.   Bainbridge provides an opportunity to be a leading example for future Urban Village Plans within the city of Burnaby. SkyTrain Stations typically indicate a necessity for increased density within the immediate surrounding areas, and the Bainbridge Plan aims to plan for future population growth while keeping all the key focuses that were integral to phase 1 central concepts of the plan. With the core value of Sustainable Place-Making at the forefront of the Bainbridge plan, the following three policy sections act as guiding principles:

  1. Land Use and Development
  2. Parks, Public Space, and Mobility
  3. Housing, Community Amenities, and Services

Phase 2 has identified 8 key areas with differing land uses to implement a functional structure to Bainbridge.  The plan focuses on protecting and increasing green spaces, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use centres, and a range of home ownership that is inclusive of all demographics.

The City is welcoming your feedback and will make changes accordingly as we proceed through this Phase 2 Consultation Period.

To get involved, please complete the Bainbridge Plan Phase 2 online survey here.

Public input received during Phase 2 will inform further refinement of the Draft Vision, Land Use Concepts and Policy Directions, prior to completion of the final draft Bainbridge Plan, which will be presented to City Council for their consideration in late 2021/early 2022.

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