Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan

Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan

Phase 1 | Burnaby Lake Village and Heights Master Plan Community

burnaby lake village phase 1

On September 25, 2023, Council reviewed an application for Phase 1 of the long term development plans for the Burnaby Lake Village and Heights Master Plan Community. Phase 1 construction will mark the beginning stages of the plan buildout and are outlined in detail in Create and Peterson’s application. Phase 1 is proposing the construction of two residential buildings, one 12-storey building, and one 14-storey building comprised of market strata and non-market rental units for a total of 512 residential units.

In addition to the proposed buildings, a portion of the Esplanade, Serpentine, and Forest Walk as well as a new north-south street linking Lougheed Highway through to Greenwood Street will be constructed.

Council has moved the proposal for public review which will be carried out at a future Public Hearing.

The Legacy: Bainbridge Urban Village

Many exciting new amenities and developments are well underway within the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan adding value that future projects of the area will benefit from. Some of these amenities include a new proposed community centre, grocery stores, outdoor esplanade and shopping district, walkways and hiking trails, offices, and a new state of the art arena and swimming pool. To bring more attention to the area and highlight reasons why future projects in the area will sell for a premium, the ApartmentBlocks Team has organized a package that outlines many of the selling features of this future community.  This package has been distributed to a wide range of local and offshore developers and will promote prospective assembly buyers to consider Bainbridge as the best community in Burnaby to invest in.

6800 & 7000 Lougheed Rezoning Application

April 24, 2023 – The rezoning application of both 6800 and 7000 Lougheed were reviewed by Mayor and Council on April 24th, 2023 and were considered supportable by Staff. It is now recommended the proposals be advanced to Public Hearing.  This advancement is a major milestone in the approval process of the masterplan community concept.

Although only general development guidelines for the masterplan have been proposed at this stage, the reports outline an estimated 8,300 new homes will be created catering to a range of household types and income levels. Additionally, over 1000 new jobs in retail, hospitality, and knowledge-based industries are estimated to be created as a result of the proposed development.

6800 Lougheed – Proposed Land Use Framework

6800 figure 4

7000 Lougheed – Proposed Land Use Framework

7000 figure 4

NEXT Environmental Report

The ApartmentBlocks Team conducted an environmental report with NEXT Environmental.

Zoning Bylaw Amendments Adopted

January 11, 2023 – Mayor and Council unanimously adopted the bylaw amendments for Bainbridge Urban Village zoning.

A summary of the amendments is outlined in the table below. 

bainbridge bylaw amendments table jan23

City Council and Mayor Approve the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan

July 25, 2022

bainbridge final timeline

Final Bainbridge Urban Village Plan

bainbridge final land use changes
Key Changes
  1. Density change from 1.5 FAR to 1.1 FAR to allow for better transition between scale and form of buildings and surrounding areas.
  2. Designated for “Community Use” permitting future development of a wider range of uses benefiting the community.
  3. Density change from 1.5 FAR to 1.1 FAR to ensure building scale transitions seamlessly abutting single family homes within “Future Planning Area”.
  4. Designated for Medium Density and Commercial Employment to allow for potential development of a mixed-use Neighbourhood Square and secondary gateway to the Urban Village.
  5. Designated from Low Density Residential to Medium Density Residential to better mirror land use designations across Lougheed Highway.
  6. Density change from 1.2 to 0.9 FAR to accommodate for presence of Pollywog Creek and surrounding riparian habitat.
bainbridge final land use changes2
Key Changes
  1. Increase maximum height from 8 to 10 storeys for properties north of Lougheed Highway allowing for more flexible middle transition between the Village Centre and lower grade surrounding buildings.
  2. Slight increase in density from 1.5 FAR to 1.75 FAR. This allows for rental use requirements while maintaining maximum 4 storey height.
  3. Slight decrease from 1.2 FAR to 1.1 FAR. This designation will not require rental use zoning requirements.
  4. Select locations along Mawhinney Close and Bainbridge Avenue may be permitted 3-4 storey multi-family buildings to protect surrounding riparian habitats.
  5. Addition of Community Uses, Proposed Park Space, and Existing Park Space further clarify future potential uses for properties assigned these designations.

Bainbridge Celebration with ApartmentBlocks

bainbridge party web

The ApartmentBlocks team hosted their second Bainbridge block party in celebration of the official adoption of the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan. Nearly 40 households and over 80 residents came to celebrate this exciting milestone. Engaging with the residents and getting to know the individuals that make up the community has been a central priority for the ApartmentBlocks team since our initial involvement back in 2019.

Anticipated Timeline

anticipated timeline jul22

On July 13th, 2022, the Final Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan will be presented to City Council by the Planning and Development Committee.  Once presented, the plan will go to a Public Hearing on July 26th, 2022, where City Council and Mayor will decide on the plan’s adoption.

bainbridge general land use
bainbridge plan cover final

Plan Highlights

The Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan is dedicated to becoming carbon neutral by 2050.   This standard is highlighted throughout the community plan while creating higher density housing and encouraging a strong economy with an increase in jobs as well as connecting residents to rapid transit for commuting. 

  • Bainbridge will have its own unique character and identity as a thriving mixed-use Urban Village that recognizes and celebrates past uses of the land.
  • Bainbridge will continue to be a place of employment that benefits from its central location next to regional transportation infrastructure.
  • Bainbridge will offer a high-quality design of buildings and public spaces to create a distinct sense of place for the Urban Village.
  • Bainbridge will provide a well-connected network of diverse public spaces to meet the needs of the community.
  • Bainbridge will be an inclusive Urban Village that provides for a range of housing types and forms as well as a variety of community amenities and services.
  • Bainbridge will be an environmentally sustainable Urban Village.
  • Bainbridge will be a walking, cycling and transit friendly Urban Village and a multi-modal transportation hub for the City.

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Bainbridge Phase 3 Draft Land Use

aptblks bainbridge phase 3 draft land use

DRAFT | Bainbridge Urban Village Community Plan

In March of 2022, the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan was released to the public for final review before going to City Council for final adoption.

The plan provides a general framework to guide development and growth of the community into an Urban Village concept. 

A green network and multi-modal nodes will connect the eight-character areas described in the plan through tree lined paths, plazas, commercial amenities, and community services ensuring that the community serves as a fully serviced area with all amenities within a 15-minute walking distance.   Bainbridge is already a coveted neighbourhood, and with these future changes, the area is sure to become one of the most sought-after communities in Burnaby with its integration of natural resources, proximity to rapid transit, and abundance of amenities within a short walking distance.

Phase 3 Public consultation presents the draft community plan to public for feedback and comments, prior to the finalized plan being advanced to Council for consideration and approval.

UPDATE: Lobbying efforts by ApartmentBlocks

bainbridge land use maps

The ApartmentBlocks team has been engaged in community events and collecting feedback from residents since 2019. From hosting meetings with neighbouring properties, to summer barbeques, we have listened to how the community feels about the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan. Considering residents’ comments and ideas, we formulated a letter to the Mayor and Council with the top 13 most important suggestions voiced by homeowners as to why the area would benefit from more density compared to what Phase 2 of the Draft Plan suggests. The team is pleased to announce that after circulating this letter throughout owners within the Bainbridge boundaries, we collected nearly 40 signatures. This petition was then submitted to the City of Burnaby on January 27, 2022. We want to thank everyone for participating and encourage everyone to continue to be actively engaged in the plan. If you have any questions, you can reach out to Brandon Harding or Kat Warkentin.

Letter to Burnaby Mayor & Council

bainbridge letter

UPDATE: Community Engagement

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The ApartmentBlocks team hosted a neighbourhood BBQ in the summer of 2021 following the release of the Phase 2 Draft Plan, which had a great turnout of over 50 Bainbridge residents. Homeowners shared their perspectives, ideas, and contributed to the community engagement by providing feedback on there vision for the future of Bainbridge. We heard a lot of excitement and positivity surrounding the proposed changes with the majority in favour of supporting a plan with higher density.

Phase 2 Draft Land Use Map

bainbridge phase 2 map labelled

On May 31, City Council approved Planners to proceed into Phase 2 of the Bainbridge Urban Village Plan.   Bainbridge provides an opportunity to be a leading example for future Urban Village Plans within the city of Burnaby. SkyTrain Stations typically indicate a necessity for increased density within the immediate surrounding areas, and the Bainbridge Plan aims to plan for future population growth while keeping all the key focuses that were integral to phase 1 central concepts of the plan. With the core value of Sustainable Place-Making at the forefront of the Bainbridge plan, the following three policy sections act as guiding principles:

  1. Land Use and Development
  2. Parks, Public Space, and Mobility
  3. Housing, Community Amenities, and Services

Phase 2 has identified 8 key areas with differing land uses to implement a functional structure to Bainbridge.  The plan focuses on protecting and increasing green spaces, pedestrian-oriented mixed-use centres, and a range of home ownership that is inclusive of all demographics.

The City is welcoming your feedback and will make changes accordingly as we proceed through this Phase 2 Consultation Period.

To get involved, please complete the Bainbridge Plan Phase 2 online survey here.

Public input received during Phase 2 will inform further refinement of the Draft Vision, Land Use Concepts and Policy Directions, prior to completion of the final draft Bainbridge Plan, which will be presented to City Council for their consideration in late 2021/early 2022.

currentl time line 06.09

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