How we sold the largest high density land assembly by number of homes

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How we sold the largest high density land assembly by number of homes

There’s a saying that bigger is always better. On that premise we spent 1.5 years pre-assembling an entire city block of twenty homes designated for high density near the Burquitlam SkyTrain Station.

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The Goal

Assemble one of the largest land assemblies to maximize the scale and efficiencies of the site in order to achieve the highest price and best terms for the owners.

The Two Challenges

  1. Making sure everyone’s voice and opinion is heard. Selling your home is one of the largest financial decisions someone will make and you don’t want to let someone have that final say for you. It was most important to our team everyone had the ability to provide their input. However, with this many people all with different circumstances, trying to move the assembly toward a successful outcome and including everyone’s comments throughout the process was difficult.
  2. Aligning twenty family timelines and expectations to come to one agreement. With assemblies, collective bargaining typically leads to the best results, so in order to get the best price and terms possible we needed everyone to agree on one offer. This meant overcoming many individual obstacles to achieve a consensus.

The Approach

The best way to include everyone’s input and align all the families led to the resolution of splitting the assembly in two. Now owners had a better platform to include their opinions and feel comfortable knowing they had their say in all the decision making.

Results with ApartmentBlocks

The smaller assemblies were appreciated by all the families and we were still able to achieve top dollar for both. We sold the first half of the assembly to Strand Developments and the second half of the assembly to Rize developments. All the families involved were very happy with the outcome as were we knowing it was the right decision even though we had to sell two assemblies instead of one.

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