How we helped Gilbert increase his net worth by $1 million

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How we helped Gilbert increase his net worth by $1 million

Gilbert is a young homeowner working in the x industry that put all his savings into purchasing a home for his family. His daily goals are to pay the bills and provide a good life for his family. He always liked the idea that some people were buying multiple homes and creating generational wealth, but didn’t have any idea of how to get started. Until the ApartmentBlocks team knocked on his door. Once he understood the benefits of land assembly a far off dream of owning multiple properties was in reach.

The Goal

The Goal was simple. Sell the property for more than it’s worth in the residential market to buy more properties and provide financial security for the family.

The Challenge

Achieving the goal was not. The Mayor, Council, and Planning department needed convincing that increasing density in the area would benefit the community and not just the individuals receiving the upzoning.

The Approach

Take all self interest out of the equation and only focus on the community benefits. The team engaged with many residents within the community discussing their vision for the future of the area. Then organized the feedback into multiple letters addressed to the Mayor and Council with a list of reasons as to why the area needed more density and how that would benefit the community. The team then had to approach homeowners in the area one by one gathering support and enough signatures. This included almost 100 signatures between the two letters.

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Results with ApartmentBlocks

The increase in density was approved and then the ApartmentBlocks team pre-assembled all the neighbours. Using their PROACTIVE funnel that rates developers to determine the most urgent to buy they were able to drive competitive bid pressure and make Gilbert over $1 million dollars more than what he would have achieved in the residential market. Gilbert then went on to use that $1 million in equity as down payments for multiple homes and is now seeing exponential increase in his net worth.

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