Ways to win over your neighbours for a successful land assembly

ways to win over your neighbours june
all for one

All for one and one for all in a successful land assembly

All for one and one for all! What do the three musketeers and land assembly have in common? Everyone is better off working as a team. When the neighbours are on the same page this takes away uncertainties for the owners as well as developers that paves the path for a smoother transaction. However, what if everyone understands that they are designated for land assembly, but not everyone has the same opinion of what to do next? Not being aligned with your neighbours on how to proceed can significantly slow down the process or even halt it. That is why we put together some tips to hopefully maximize collaboration, promote agreement within the group, and proceed as a team that will benefit everyone.


Information is essential

Remember when you first contemplated land assembly? Your opinion of it might be vastly different than it is now. Understanding the benefits, learning timelines, the process, and land values help remove unknowns that may overwhelm or discourage your neighbours who may not have started their research. Try to answer all their questions with reliable information, so they feel more confident about the idea. They will most likely appreciate your support, which builds stronger relationships.


Understand their needs differ

Sometimes, despite what may appear like a great opportunity to you, may cause a neigbhour fear, or they feel the benefit is not enough, or it could be many other factors. Ask them about their concerns, and empathize with them and continue to answer their questions. Relocating one’s family home is a daunting task. Provide specific examples, like if they say their home’s replacement cost may be the same as the land value. You know this is not true because you have done more research than them. Share your research and ask for some recent home sales from your land assembly expert, which can be very helpful in showing the facts about the housing market. Using examples of sold homes is more beneficial than what is for sale because only properly valued properties sell. Many times, people overestimate the effort required for change. A successful land assembly is about overcoming everyone’s objections until the group agrees to proceed. There is always a path forward by listening to their objections and offering helpful suggestions to overcome real challenges.


Be patient and positive

Land assembly is not like selling your home in the residential market. The timing can be longer, and the process more challenging, but the reward can be much greater. Remember, everyone working together has the potential to recognize a significant financial gain. Patience, empathy and persistence with your neighbours will maintain a healthier relationship and increase your chance of a successful outcome. In the end, assembling requires all party’s cooperation, so teamwork is crucial.