ApartmentBlocks successfully lobbies high density in Oakdale

We are very pleased with the decision of Council and planning to take the recommendations and feedback of their community under advisement when bringing forward an Official Community Plan Update. Seeing this level of initiative from leaders to engage public consultation in a constructive and informative way paved the path for a well laid out Burquitlam community. Andrew Merrill with the Coquitlam’s planning department burnt the midnight oil hosting information sessions, attending meetings, answering hard questions, and being the face of a major shift in the design of the future Oakdale. This was not easy to address and weigh some vocal criticism from a few neighbours against the vast majority of support for the current plan. However, with council’s support behind them to not back down on engaging the entire community, the long-term vision of a transit-orientated community can be realized.

Brandon Harding was engaged with over seventy-five residents within the community lobbying for higher density. On behalf of the property owners, he brought forward “requests fully implemented into the plan” with a few being:

  • Uphold the main ideas behind Transit-Orientated Development
  • Support significant investments made in rapid transit infrastructure by promoting transit ridership
  • Expanded arterial routes
  • Additional park space
  • Additional private and public amenities
  • Improved road network
  • Safer with more eyes on the roads and parks
  • Additional revenues to the city

Find the full letters here:

What are the next steps in Oakdale:

Find the rest of the report here:
Councilincommittee 2019 11 18 Item 3

Visit the Coquitlam planning page for more details

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