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Changing the Lives of Homeowners

The average difference of the last 100 homes we sold as part of land assemblies vs. individually:

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What is Land Assembly?

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Land assembly is when individual properties group together so a larger building can be built.

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Together, the land becomes far more valuable than each house is worth on the residential market. This increase in value is your winning lottery ticket!

With life-changing personal benefits:

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    Upgrade to your dream home

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    Live mortgage free

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    Provide down payments to family or children

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    Enjoy early retirement

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    and more...

AND community benefits:

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    More housing choices

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    Better affordability

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    Energy efficient buildings

The Process

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Success Stories of Homeowners and Their Advices to Future Land Assemblies

After successfully going through the process they want to share their experiences and knowledge that can help you decide if land assembly is the right choice.

We only represent homeowners like Gilbert and Cari, but here are some of the developers we do business with that you may recognize

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Am I Eligible for Land Assembly?

Unlock your land potential

Understanding what your property is eligible for is the first step to unlocking your land value. The ApartmentBlocks team tracks all the current and future land assembly areas.

Take our free land assembly eligibility test and find out if your property qualifies by filling out the information below. 

How does the eligibility test work?

A custom land assembly zoning chart will be generated specifically for your property that has been approved by your municipality including all the potential development details.

This will include:

  • Potential building structure
  • Number of floors
  • Total buildable area
  • Restrictions or special requirements
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Is my property eligible?

Are you the property owner?

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Assemble Up Virtual Seminar

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60 minutes to
ask our experts anything about land assembly…
or just simply tune in to listen & learn

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upcoming assembly areas

You Want the Team that has the Insider Knowledge with Your City

We actively participate representing homeowners in the development of Official Community Plans to ensure that your community is developed the way you want it to be. Leading that conversation between homeowners and the city means we know the changes before anyone else.