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Step One: Assemble
With Your Neighbours
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Step Two: Market to
local & offshore developers
sell your home to developer
Step Three: Negotiate
Life Changing Offers

Your neighbourhood is changing and you need a plan

Your neighborhood undergoing rezoning is likely a new experience with unexpected challenges. You love your community and may have not thought about selling. We make the transition easy by organizing a land assembly with your neighbours and finding the developers paying a premium, so you receive life changing offers in three easy steps.

How to Assemble Up

1 assemble with neighbours

Assemble With Your Neighbors

We organize a group presentation with your neighbours to share expectations on the process, timelines, pricing, and answer questions. There is no obligation to sell when you work with us.
2 market to developers

Market to Local and Offshore Developers

Then leverage our extensive network of local and offshore developers to compete for your property.
3 negotiate offers

Negotiate Life
Changing Offers

To receive and review offers with you and help negotiate the highest price with the shortest time frame so you can celebrate sooner.

Find out if your property is designated for land assembly.

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Next steps are easy. We will help you determine if land assembly is worth going through the process and how to move on to the next step towards achieving life changing offers.

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Neighbours in your area are speeding up the land assembly process, making more money, and achieving life changing offers.

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Work With Experts That Sell Land, Not Homes.

100% Sales
to Developers

We only sell homes to developers
not home-to-home
like residential realtors

100% Homeowner Representation

We only represent homeowners
not developers


There is no costs to the
homeowners unless the property
is successfully sold

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How Our Clients Achieved
Financial Security Through Land Assembly

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Join The Thousands of Vancouver Homeowners Who Achieved Financial Security With Land Assembly

Assemble and sell easily with our extensive network of qualified developers competing for your property.

With your neighbourhood not going to be what it was the time has come to consider joining a land assembly. The increase in your properties zoning means you are able to sell for a profit. The profit needs to make moving worthwhile so you’ll be able to buy your dream home, live mortgage free, or retire early.

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The ApartmentBlocks team make assembling easy and profitable and have helped thousands of owners achieve their financial goals. With over a decade of experience, ApartmentBlocks have come up with solutions to organize and align your neighbours unique timelines and expectations.

With our extensive network of qualified local and offshore developers, it is not about finding one developer to buy your property. The ApartmentBlocks team will have developers competing over your land assembly so you know for certain which developers are willing to pay the most and then negotiate the best price and terms.