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Were a team, we function as a team, and we treat every client as a team member. We have the experience and knowledge to manage and work with you on all multifamily or land development opportunities. Discover the chemistry that Jackson, Terry, and Brandon have combined for the optimal industry performance.

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With a team approach, we combine all of our talent, skills and tools to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Get access to all our properties for sale in the Metro Vancouver area and beyond. Feel free to browse through the available properties and discover the unique qualities of each one.

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Browse through our ever expanding library of real estate knowledge to stay informed. Market conditions are constantly changing and we want to keep everyone informed and prepared so that sound market decisions can be made. Find resources for apartment management, industry forms, market info and more!

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Start the conversation by contacting us today and find out how easy we make the process to buy or sell your apartment building, work together on land assembly, provide sound real estate advice and more. The Apartment Blocks BC team is here to help! Contact us today to get started.

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We continue to pioneer pricing to new heights in this ever skyrocketing market. Many of our Buyers have been aggressively bidding on properties that come on the market but have been losing out to a multiple offer scenario. Once they reach a certain level of frustration there comes a point that they will go above and beyond to secure the next available investment. The Western Investor has published this sale as one of their headlines for recent deals of the month.

A 69-year old, wood frame rental apartment building in Vancouver has sold for a mind-bending $4.5 million, or $750,000 for each of the six units in the West 6th Avenue project where rents average $1,680 per month.

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The NAI Commercial Multi-family Team brings together some of the best talent in the industry.